Everyone’s skin is unique and the treatment for your skin should be custom-tailored to suit you and your individual needs.  Your skin changes with the seasons, the environment you live and work in, what you eat and drink, and even with the level of stress in your life. Using a combination of all-natural products, technology, and a commitment to holistic healing, we’ll create a personalized treatment plan to enhance your natural beauty and bring your skin back into balance.


Skin concerns vary from person to person as well and we are always happy to accomodate your questions and requests.  Additional consultations are always invited and can be requested via email or phone.


Facial Memberships are available.  You will be charged a monthly fee based on a facial of your choice.


Moon Goddess Facial Treatment Membership

60 minutes for $70


Full Moon Goddess Facial Treatment Membership

90 minutes for $110



Skincare Menu


Moon Goddess Facial Treatment – For first-time spa-goers and facial connoisseurs alike, our full service signature facial is sure to please. Suitable for all skin-types, we include a custom-designed line-up of deep cleansing, steam treatment, exfoliation with manual exfoliation and/or enzyme therapy, extractions, face and neck massage, and masking. An individually tailored at-home protocol and treatment plan are recommended at the close of the treatment.

60 minutes for $90


Full Moon Goddess Facial Treatment – Includes everything in the Moon Goddess Facial with an additional 30 minutes of concentrated work with your skin for more dramatic results. Additional massage, exfoliation, extractions, and/or masks are incorporated on a client specific basis.

90 minutes for $130


Moon Glow Facial – This customized treatment is available to clients on a weekly or bi-weekly treatment plan. Whether the focus is on acne, skin discoloration, premature aging or age reversal, the results are a dramatic reconditioning of the skin.

30 minutes for $50, 45 minutes for $70


Deep Pore Cleansing Facial – Highly recommended for those with oily or acnaic skin, this custom facial focuses on an advanced level of cleansing, extractions, exfoliation, and hydration. Designed to prevent future breakouts and congestion, this treatment leaves pores refined and your complexion cleared, it smoothes the texture of the skin, balances skin's pH, and eases imflammation.

90 minutes for $130

add high frequency, +$15

add galvanic, +$30


The Dandy Man Custom Facial – Carefully designed to meet the specific skincare needs of even the manliest men, including shaving irritation, acne, ingrown hairs, congested pores, and under-eye circles. This facial includes a hot-towel treatment with face and neck massage. All natural, non-perfumed products are used and an at-home protocol for dandy-level maintenance is recommended.

60 minutes for $90


The Arctic Berry Peel + Peptide Illuminating Facial This innovative three-step peel and peptide system which awakens the skin’s natural inner beauty using an exquisite blend of arctic berries, lingonberry seed oil and hibiscus seed extract.  Manual and enzymatic exfoliation will gently refine your skin.  The facial is finished off with a soothing moisturizer that features the Eminence Organics exclusive Peptide Illuminating Complex.  Skin is prepared to receive further treatments for increased benefits, skin clarity and texture appears improved, complexion appears revitalized, even and luminous, the visible signs of aging are reduced.  

**This product has some restrictions and is best used in combination with the at-home artic berry kit.

60 minutes for $100


The VitaSkin Peel Facial Depending on what results you wish to recieve, four options are available.  Use the Bright Skin Licorice Root Exfoliating Peel for uneven pigmentation, the Calm Skin Chamomile Exfoliating Peel for sensitive and roseacea skin, the Clear Skin Willow Bark Exfoliating Peel for acne-prone skin, and the Firm Skin Acai Exfoliating Peel for firmness and antiaging.  The exfoliant is applied to create optimum results and masking will be added to hydrate and tone your skin.  

**Optimum results are available in combination with the at-home peel systems as well as the complimenting skin care lines.

60 minutes for $100


Restorative Peel Facial This facial employs a safe, custom-designed plant-based peel solution using Rhonda Allison products to remove dead and damaged skin cells on the outer layers of the skin. This treatment is highly effective for diminishing blemishes and acne, removing fine wrinkles, evening out pigmentation, and restoring a healthy glow to the skin. Afterwards, you’ll receive careful and thorough instruction on your new at-home protocol, to ensure proper healing and maintenance of your skin.

45 minutes for $105, includes additional 20 minute consultation appointment 


Progressive Peel Package

This is designed to properly prep, treat, and care for your skin.  It starts off as a consultation and facial, with a personalized peel the following week, and finishing off with a facial and follow-up consultation to clean up and care for your skin post-peel. After care products are not included in the price but are required.

Package includes: 

-Two 20 minute consultations

-45 minute Moon Glow Facial

-Restorative Peel Facial

-30 Minute Moon Glow Facial

$200 ($10 discount), does not include after-care products



Oxygeneo Facial OxyGeneo® treatment provides the only 3-in-1 Super Facial. Patented and clinically proven OxyGeneo® technology results in unparalleled skin nourishment & oxygenation, for smoother complexion and younger looking skin. Results are seen after only one treatment.

  • Plump and hydrate

  • Restore skin volume

  • Renew youthful glow

  • Revitalize dull complexion

  • Reduce appearance of wrinkles

  • Firm skin and tighten pores

  • Improve skin cell production

  • Reduce appearance of pigmentation

  • Safe for ANY skin type!

90 minutes for $155

Series of 3, $400

Series of 6, $750


Micro-needling, also called skin needling or collagen inducion therapy, is a minimally-invasive non-surgical and non-ablative procedure for facial rejuvenation that involves the use of a micro-needling device to create hundreds of microscopic vertical channels in the skin, promoting collagen and elastin production.  This process decreases pigmentation issues, tightens sagging skin, reduces fine lines and deep wrinkles, refines skin and pore texture, fades stretch marks, and smooths out scar tissue.  A minimum of a series of 3 is recommended for the best results.

Face $300

Series of 3, $720


Face + Neck $400

Series of 3, $960


Face, Neck + Decolleté $600

Series of 3, $1440

Other $300 per area

Series of 3, $720


This Korean skincare wonder uses poly L-Lactic acid to fill and plump your skin, no injections necessary.  Erase wrinkles and turn back time! A minimum of a series of 3 is recommended for the best results.

Face $180

Series of 3, $486


Face + Neck $250

Series of 3, $675



Dermaplaning  is a method of exfoliation that consists of using a scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion.  It also can be used to remove the "peach fuzz" on your face, which allows for a better makeup application and penetration of products. This service is not recommended for those with acneic skin or those on certain medications or topical treatments.

Full Face $100

Add a light lactic acid peel- $150

Facial Upgrades


Organic Eye Treatment – This healing and revitalizing two-step treatment first uses a gentle eye exfoliant to reduce inflammation, wrinkles and fine lines. An eye mask follows, working to reduce redness and dark under-eye circles, heal broken capillaries, promote collagen production, strengthen connective tissue, and alleviate the effects of aging. $15


Organic Lip Treatment – Whether to perfect your pucker or erase winter dryness, treat your lips to a naturally effective three-step treatment. Gentle, vitamin-rich fruit enzymes refine the lip area, followed by an extra rich mask that deeply hydrates. Finish with a delicious, hydrating lip balm. $15

LED Light Treatment- LED technology has long been considered a great methodology for healing and renewing the skin.  Developed by NASA after it was discovered that the lights' wavelengths were healing wounds on the hands of astronauts onboard shuttles.  The panel of lights is specifically designed to target acne, anti-aging, and to heal skin trauma and irritation. $40

Hand Hydration Treatment – A “facial” for your hands including exfoliation, masking and massage. $40


Shea Butter Hydration Treatment For Hands/Feet- Our natural, paraffin-free treatment is a great add-on for any facial and pairs wonderfully with the Hand Hydration Treatment.  Relax as your extremeties are soothed and hydrated in a deliciously warm submersion of softly melted shea butter blended perfectly with essential oils to hydrate and soften the skin. When booking, please select hands or feet. $40


High Frequency - A vintage skincare technique useful for wound healing, promoting circulation, and killing acne-causing bacteria.  Add to any facial for a more in-depth treatment. Especially useful when paired up with the Deep Pore Cleansing Facial. Due to the electric nature of the service, certain contraindications apply. $15


Galvanic - Another old-school technique used to smooth out wrinkles (yes, really!), aid with extractions, and add a boost to the penetration power of problem-fighting serums through the specific application of electric current.  Due to the electric nature of the service, certain contraindications apply. $30


Hydrojelly Mask - Electrolyzed hydrojelly masks, made primarily from algae, contain no clay and are a new-generation peel-off mask. Hydrojelly is merged with beneficial algae and new electrolyte technology. These masks help the skin achieve a natural moisture balance that is essential to keep the skin healthy by the infusion of electrolytes. Masks will be selected to custom fit your skincare needs and will be applied at the. end of a facial. $30

Ultrasound - Ultrasound treatments will lift your face and reduce wrinkles as well as increase collagen production. Safe for all skin types. $65



The "non-surgical face lift".  Facial muscles are stimulated with electronic current, aiding in lifting the face to promote a youthful look. Due to the electric nature of the service, certain contraindications apply. 

Facial Add-On $25

Microcurrent Facial $75

Anti-Aging Specialty Microcurrent Facial $105

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